OnePlus, Xiaomi and sell products, notwithstanding the anti-Chinese sentiment


The rising tension among the neighboring countries India and China have gotten worse in the last couple of days, and after a border clash between the two countries. The collision resulted in lots of Indians to take to the social media and vowing to boycott all products and services in China. We’ve seen the #BoycotttChinaProducts tag will soon trend in the country. However, a new report shows that, in spite of the viral, anti-chinese sentiment, many Indians still prefer the Chinese product, and that the recent sale of Chinese electronics has not yet really been a hit so far. Also Read – OnePlus 8 in series: The company is looking for testers in order to kick-start the Closed-Beta testing program

In the midst of the many, many sales on E-commerce websites in the country, two of the products will go on sale this week, the OnePlus series-8 and the Mi NoteBook is a 14 series. According to a report from the Quintthe sale ended with both of the products from the Chinese companies is to be sold. Also Read – Xiaomi’s Mi Watch, the Running of the official international launch expected soon

Take A Look At: Weekly News Roundup – June 19,

OnePlus 8 in the series is sold out

OnePlus had sold out of the first batch of its new flagship devices. It is reported that in the recent sale, which took place on the 18th of June, the OnePlus is sold out all the units of the OnePlus for 8 for sale. A likely reason for the popularity of the OnePlus phone in the country is because of the phones provide a premium flagship, period. In addition, they cost less than an Apple or a Flagship phone. Also, Read The 52 Chinese apps, red flag, by the Indian Intel agencies, TikTok, ShareIt, UC, Browser, Clean Master is in the list

Xiaomi Mi NoteBook-14 sold out

After Xiaomi, another Chinese brand, has become the number one smartphone seller in the country. Also, recently launched its first series of the laptops in the country, the Mi NoteBook is a 14-series, it is the first sale that took place recently on the 17th of June. The report states that a source close to the company revealed that the sale received an overwhelming response and that the laptops were sold out within a short period of time. A second batch of the Mi Notebook will soon go on sale, and most likely would have received a similar response.

In other news, a total of 52 Chinese applications have been reported by the Indian intelligence agencies to the government about the concerns of safety and security. The concern raised was that the application in question and, ultimately, the extraction of a vast amount of personal data and the send them out of India. The list of applications includes the popular tools that are used by a lot of people in the country. This is a Chinese app TikTok, ShareIt, UC Browser Xender, Clean Master, and many more.

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