OnePlus Nord-users, the reporting screen hue issues, the company is responding


The OnePlus Nord was unveiled last week after months and months of anticipation all around. However, within a week of its debut in the market, and the users who got the smartphone, now, experienced a lot of problems with the TOUCH screen. Also Read – OnePlus once again leading the premium smartphone segment in India, Samsung comes second

Some of the owners of the new OnePlus Nord the phone to complain about the issues on Reddit and the OnePlus forums. Most of them have been described and the very same problem that have a bearing on the colour of the tint when the brightness is less than 25 percent of the time. This reminds us of the “green tint” issue on the OnePlus 8, which was reported shortly after its launch. The company later fixed the problem via an OxygenOS update. Also Read – OnePlus-Tops, early access is on sale today, check price, features and specifications

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However, it appears that this time around, there will be no correction of the software. According to the 9to5Google, OnePlus has stated that the colour of the tint at low brightness levels, is a typical example of all of the OLED screens, and a range of different types of display. Also Read – OnePlus: Siddhant Narayan explains how the community will play a key role in the company’s

OnePlus’ statement on the matter

“OnePlus Nord, is provided with a high-quality, 90Hz AMOLED display. In the context of a particular low-luminance conditions, slight screen discoloration that can occur as a result of the TOUCH-screen features this is, typical for all OLED displays, and the degree of discoloration varies depending on the other properties.” “This is not a problem at all, and it will have no impact on the day to day use or display of endurance. OnePlus will continue to strive to be a cutting-edge display technologies, and is committed to delivering the best possible user experience.”

This is true, at least to some extent. However, this can be a big problem for you if your phone has been hard-hit. So, at this point, the company does not seem to see this as a serious screen problem. In that case, you may have to adjust the brightness, or to learn to live with it. unless the OnePlus offers the one kind of replacement.

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