OnePlus Nord is a Documentary film, Episode 1, details, design


Smartphone maker OnePlus has just launched the first episode of the much-hyped documentary about the start of a new beginning. The device’s creator, shared the video on IGTV for about two hours, while sharing a number of details about the upcoming device. First of all, the company has confirmed that it is calling the project, “OnePlus Nord”. It is also worth mentioning that the smartphone maker will not only look to the “Nord” as a name. Instead, the company wanted to make sure that it is minimalistic, clean, quiet and modern in design. The visual design of the upcoming device is believed to be designed by the Scandinavian design. Let’s check out the details on the upcoming OnePlus Nord smartphone in here. Also Read – OnePlus Nord, and Z is not a rebranded Oppo Reno, nevada, 4, and reveals a tipster

OnePlus Nord is a Documentary film-Episode 1; for details, see

9 minutes, 54 seconds long, the video focuses on the topic of the creation of the upcoming device. OnePlus is striking, it is the call of the documentary series, “a New Beginning”. The company is also likely to be exhibited in the design of the upcoming smartphone, along with a dual-camera setup on the front of it. Outside to the front, and so do we, so that the bottom of the speaker grill, along with a USB Type-C connector. The prototype was also shown what appeared to be a single-camera setup in the upper-left corner of the front panel. It is also worth noting that a triple-camera setup, didn’t seem to be completely identical to that of the box-like design of the iPhone-the 11-series. Also Read – OnePlus-Tops leak, reveal the Bullets on Wireless 2 and like the design, color: black

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Even though we are not sure about the final design, the dual-camera setup on the front panel is in line with that of the engine. We also got a glimpse of the interior of the OnePlus HEADQUARTERS in Shenzhen, with a soft drink on the desk, and with a nod and a wink to Steve Jobs. OnePlus is included, are excerpts from the product development meetings, under the Carl Pei. The video will be on the development of the device continued to be a neck-break pace, under a tense situation. We saw how well His Ex was in a rough estimate of the cost of the OnePlus Shopping. Also Read – OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro is now for sale through Amazon’s: Price in India, features, full specifications,

Lau noted that this is the device for the first time, it will be at the cost of less than $500 in the last couple of years. However, this information is not really new, and it has been confirmed that it was in the previous frame. It’s the end of the video will be on display for the very beginning of the corona virus, or COVID-19-outbreak-in-China. The company has concluded the video by noting that, in the end, it will most likely fall on July 7 and, by the year 2020. Previous reports have also noted that it is likely to start in the first pre-order drop in the OnePlus Nord is a device of tomorrow.


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