OnePlus Nord have been provided AS support for, the retail box revealed


The Details on the upcoming OnePlus Nord, the smartphone will continue to play online. Even though the phone will have to compete in the premium mid-range segment of the market, the OnePlus Nord-camera system, which will be supported by OIS (optical image stabilization). Also Read – OnePlus Nord, to be launched in India on 21st July, with the Expected specifications, price and more

The information comes from a leakster Ishan Agarwal on his Twitter account. This is not just any leak, as Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, promptly retweeted the post. He added that one “Flagship” camera “incoming”. Therefore, the optical image stabilization, the OnePlus Nord has been officially confirmed. Also Read – OnePlus TV-series and Y-series to go on sale today, check price, sale, specifications

The optical image stabilisation (OIS for short) is a feature that a lot of high-end, or full of photography-centric handsets. There are even a couple of flagship phones that have been released in the past, which does not have this feature. Therefore, it is not surprising, therefore, that the OnePlus has it in the mid-range device. Also Read – OnePlus Nord design is transferred to hardware details will be shared

OIS allows you to take pictures without blurring. Add dedicated hardware to the sensor, the sensor of the camera, in order to be effective in order to compensate for the movement, as well as the taking of photographs or video recordings are made. So, if we don’t have strong hands, or, if we are to take a photo while it is moving. This feature will definitely come in handy.

OnePlus Nord’s box is revealed

In addition to confirming the new role of the packaging of the new device have also been revealed. It comes in a black box, which is in contrast to the previous OnePlus phone, with the white and red finish boxes. The top of the box with the OnePlus logo in the corner. While the word “Nord” is spelled incorrectly multiple times in a larger font size.

The box is designed in such a way that we will be able to see the teal/cyan color of the interior. It is the same color used in the logo of the new Nord line. OnePlus has also shown the stability of the box by two people standing on top of it. The OnePlus Nord has a disclosure date is on the 21st of July. The event was the first AR to the launch of the one smartphone in the world.

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