OnePlus Nord gets its first update to improve the performance of the camera


If you’re planning on buying the new OnePlus Nord, you will need a software update, you will be ready to install when you have the phone out of the box. The north has only been officially for a couple of hours, but the first update is already rolling out in order to assess the units on the left and the right.

It’s OxygenOS 10.5.1, and it’s the talk of enhanced video calling performance, as well as a bunch of camera-related issues, such as: – optimized depth of the sensor effect of the indoor image quality, and improve the energy-efficiency of shooting up to 4K at 60fps, as well as the overall improvements to the camera experience. As usual, the stability of the system, is said to have been enhanced as well.

The over-the-air update, it is a 103MB download, and so don’t have to be big, but it’s nice to see OnePlus doing a quick software update for dance of the mid-ranger is just as good, not that it is exclusive to the flagships. If you are interested in the OnePlus Nord, don’t miss our hands-on review.



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