OnePlus confirms it is a “lite” phone is on it’s way, it’s coming to Europe and India


The OnePlus team is making a lot of noise about a “new beginning”, and as everyone has guessed, this is the second course in a mid-range phone. There is also a private Instagram, responsible referred to as @OnePlusLiteZThing.

The @OnePlusLiteZThing account on Instagram, begins with the “teaser” campaign

Yes, The “Lite Z-Thing”. It’s posted in the picture above, with a promise to reveal more about the “new kind of phone” in the next couple of weeks. This account has been named by Carl Pei. co-founder of the company).

In the meantime, the OnePlus’s Twitter account, the award of a fair share of the “new beginning” sculptures, which are just as vague.

More, the promise of a new beginning
More, the promise of a new beginning

More, the promise of a new beginning

The forum post from the CEO, Pete Lau, is a bit more direct in what we’re talking about here. The original promise of the same “premium and the “flagship” experience,” but it is included as part of a new, more affordable smartphone in line”.

He acknowledges that some fans will long for the day that the OnePlus phones had an easily accessible price point. In the spirit of going back to basics, Lau says the project will start small and the adoption of the new model in Europe and India in the first one. An extension to the North of the usa is planned for the near future. The project is being led by Paul East, who is in charge of the development of a variety of OnePlus phones in the past 5 years.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the mid-range, OnePlus one, start with the name. The idea was to get the OnePlus For 8, Lite first, then the OnePlus, Z, and more recently, OnePlus, Nord… the team is very nice and everyone tries to guess the name.

The phone is expected to be formally launched in mid-July. It will have 5G connectivity (for example, with a Snapdragon 765G, but we’ve heard MediaTek Dimensity, or other options), and with the support of the Truth of a Charge of 30 W, (as it says in the BIS certificate). It will be two -, three -, or four-cameras on the back, and the fare is around INR 25,000 ($330).

That is, if you believe the rumors. We would have to keep an eye on the Instagram account, for more reliable information.



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