OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, probably, confirms the OnePlus Z


Smartphone maker OnePlus has just announced that it is planning to launch a new smartphone in the market. This new announcement comes only a few months after the company launched its current flagship smartphone, the OnePlus series-8. As part of the announcement, OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau, together with a statement on its official Weibo account. Lau revealed that the company will expand the reach of the “new members”. The company is planning to make a return to its affordable roots with the help of the upcoming smartphone. With this announcement, it is not surprising, as we have already seen rumors of an affordable OnePlus, Z is in the past. Let’s check out that the statement that Pete Lau shared the details of the control with respect to the future OnePlus devices. Also Read – OnePlus 8T, McLaren, Edition, may not happen this year, is no longer listed as a Formula 1 partner

OnePlus will probably confirm the long-rumored OnePlus, Z; for details, see

Take a look at it the statementit looks like the company will be able to launch multiple devices across multiple price points. Lau noted that the company currently has adequate manpower and resources to focus on a number of product setups at the same time. He went on to confirm that the smartphone maker will continue to obsess over the details to create products of the highest quality. OnePlus is going to continue to make sure that it shares the “quality and technology in the world.” Beyond this, the Launcher doesn’t reveal details about the new products. He also shared a number of statistics, which is the success that OnePlus has been reached to several markets across the globe. Also Read – OnePlus 8 Pro, But the Original shares have an ultra-wide-angle camera samples from the upcoming smartphone

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It is also worth noting that this is not the first time that the company has been trying to launch a parallel smartphone line-up. The company has launched its OnePlus-X is back in 2015, along with the OnePlus 2. However, it will not be able to manage both the devices at the same time, their use is limited to production capacity and resources. Also Read – OnePlus 8-series will come with 5G connectivity; CEO, Pete Lau confirms that ahead of rumored launch

According to the times, the company hopes that the launch of the OnePlus, Z, together with the OnePlus 8 in the line-up. However, the rumors of delays due to corona virus forced the company to push the launch back by a few months. The device is likely to be launched in July 2020 and, together with the newly-leaked OnePlus Story. Talking about the specifications, the device is also expected to come with MediaTek Dimensity 1000 SoC, along with the 5G connectivity.

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