Oliver Stone Talks ‘Cancel’, the Culture, And Gone With the Wind, which, in Its terms and conditions, To the HBO Max


During an interview on the BBC’s World Service radio program, The Doctor’s Hours the famous film director, Oliver Stone, talking about what are some of the most controversial issues of the day. Indie Wire will be picked up on an interview in which Oliver spoke about a number of topics, including the idea of progress in culture.

When he was asked what his thoughts were on a lot of older, inappropriate movies, being pulled from the streaming platform, to Oliver Stone’s claim that he didn’t think much of it.

As previously reported, the Gone With The Wind it was pulled out of the school-up to this past month, only to return with a disclaimer before the film starts. Stone claimed that it was “very true” that is Gone With The Wind it was a “colored treatment” of the historic south.

However, he pointed out that it was a “classic” film, and the film of his mother’s generation. Stone went on to say that the film has touched so many people’s lives, even though some of the content of the day could be seen as offensive.

According to the The Doors the filmmaker, after the screening of the film to show a positive image of the southern part of the United States of america, during a controversial period of time, which in the days of slavery. With that in mind, however, that he believes it should not be removed from the history.

In addition to touching on the cancel button, culture Stone, is also facing allegations that he demeaned actresses during the casting procedure, film, The Doors To The Public. In addition, he said the accusations against him, and that he felt She would like to Fine a party in the evening.

According to Stone, he had never been the type of person that will intentionally cause harm. It wasn’t in his nature. As previously reported, Stone has been accused of sexual misconduct, in the midst of the allegations of rape against Weinstein. He has been charged with assault after he called for a fair trial.

Stone said at the time that he believed in the right of the accused to go to trial. In addition, the Stone also spoke about a recent project where he met with Vladimir Putin.


The stones were accused of being “too easy” to Russia, however, the director contends that the manner in which he approached it was the right way to go about it. He is also demanding and aggressive, it would have made for a bad interview, and ultimately a sub-par project, the director of the film explained to you.

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