Of the Realme, X3 Zoom, it will launch in Europe on the 26th of May


It usually takes a few months for a phone like this for Europe, but that in the Realme, X3 Zoom, it will be brought to the Old Continent, just a day after the May 25 event in China. That will be eight in the new Realme of devices, with the European event, it seems to be promising one.

This is, by far, the best one of the bunch, but the X3’s Camera is a follow-up to the X2-Pro, which offered flagship specs for an affordable price. The new model is in a recipe, and then add a periscope lens to the mix, and a 13MP camera, with up to 60x magnification (the optical zoom of 5x, or 6x).

It will be the vanilla in the Realme X3, 5G, is a member of it? That is, it is not clear for the time being. An earlier tweet by the @RealmeEurope featured on “The Star Hunter”, a slogan that is a clear reference to the Camera and the Starry sky Mode. Another tweet teased “The Scout”, which might be the, X3.

It Is in the Realme, X3, Explorer, then?

Realme, X3 Zoom is the Star of the Hunter • the Realme, X3, Explorer, then?”

The vanilla model, not the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, for his brother, it will most likely have to settle for a 765G place. And it certainly doesn’t have a periscope-cam. Other than that, the specs on TENAA for a solid, mid-range, for those of you who can’t afford it or just don’t need the extra zoom, the netherlands.


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