O-Film to reveal a periscope-module with a continuous zoom lens (85mm 170 mm)


O-Film is showing a periscope lens modules for smartphones, and it offers a continuous zoom rather than fixed at a specific focal length, as the periscopes are. And it is only 5.9 mm thick.

The module can provide a smooth transition between the 85mm and 170mm (in 35mm equivalent) lens with an aperture change from f/3.1 to f/5.1. To do that, in perspective, of the pool 1 and (II features a 70 mm telephoto lens, which is the Huawei ascend P-40 Pro, with a 125mm lens and the P-40-Pro+ with a 240mm lens.

O-Film snap-on offer 3 up to 7 times magnification, as compared to a typical wide-camera. The company claims that it is also able to produce the periscope design with a 3-5x 5-8x, 3.5-9.5 x zoom range.

However, this module uses the well-known prism, which is used for the OIS. A piezo-electric motor to smoothly and precisely drive a 3-lens assembly forward and back to achieve the desired focal length. The auto-focus mechanism moves the lens.

Because today’s smartphones, cameras, locked hubs, and the use of digital interpolation for the in-between levels, switching between wide angle and telephoto lens, if necessary.

Continue to zoom, to offer a higher quality images at these intermediate levels. It will also provide periscopes and more useful, as the current design with a 5x magnification size that you have to shoot down only distant objects.

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