nubia to announce its smartwatch next to the “Red Magic” 5S


Nubia is created from the “Red Magic” 5S official release date in the last week, and the event is scheduled for the 28th of July, but it is only now that the company is teasing the smartwatch. It is the gaming flagship of each of these short Weibo post. Nubia turned out to be a number of the key features of the design of the watch.

The teaser and posters on Weibo

The teaser and posters on Weibo

For one, it will come in a “soft” 316L-stainless-steel-and-aluminum body, and from what we can see on the posters, and an image on nubia’s official website, it will feature a curved OLED display, and what appears to be a circular Apple Watch-like crown on the left side. It seems to be more of a band than a watch, but we will refrain from slapping labels before using the appliance makes an official appearance.

nubia to announce its smartwatch next to the

What is remarkable, is that it is the marketing of this watch as the “economic,” which probably means “perfect” or “ecological,” which is pretty self-explanatory on its own. We can’t be absolutely sure because we don’t fully trust Google Translate, from the knowledge in the Chinese language. Maybe we’ll know soon enough.

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