No matter how dark the mode to Google Docs, sheets, and slides


Earlier this year, and every user that wants to use the dark mode to be on WhatsApp, as it is one of the most popular messaging and video calling apps are available in India. Having said that, there’s not any app’s that people want a dark mode, it was a really big deal to me. Google adds support for system-wide dark theme, Android, 10, and Apple also rolled out iOS of 13, and dark-mode support. Also Read Realme for V5 series of teasing online with 48MP, quad-camera, and an L-shaped module,

The dark theme is a very useful addition, especially in low-light environments. After you enable the dark mode, which you basically get is a black background that is easier on the eyes. It is said that the mode will help you to have a certain sum of money from the longevity of the battery on the phone, and in particular, to a TOUCH panel. Google is said to have a Dark Theme, it is “the reduction of the energy consumption of a substantial amount of money, but it also depends on the screen tech in your device you are using. The search giant has released an update that rolled out for Docs, sheets and slides apps, the that Android phone users can set a light or dark mode-one basis. Also Read – Facebook now lets you lock Messenger to Chat with Face ID

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Google it says“We are improving on the Google Docs, sheets and slides for Android with a Dark-theme to support it. The dark theme is an intelligent method to adapt the product interface and the user-generated content (ugc) in ways that make it more suitable for use in low-light environments, and for the life of the battery. The settings for Docs, sheets and Slides that advance automatically after the Android system is set up to use a Dark theme. You can also use this mode to enable or disable the google Docs, sheets, or slides are not independent. If you do this, any app will always be the selected theme, whether it’s the Android system settings.” Here’s how you can turn dark mode on any of the above apps. Also Read Infinix Smart 5 specifications leaked online

How to enable dark mode in Google Docs, sheets, and slides?

Step 1: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Docs, sheets, or slides app. In the upper left-hand corner, tap on the Menu button.

Dark mode

Step 2: Tap on the Settings button and navigate to the Theme selector.

Dark mode

Step 3: Here, you can choose from Dark, Light, or the System default.


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