Nintendo, reportedly, will stop making new games for mobile


The japanese gaming company Nintendo has said that the decision was taken not to mobile phone games and more. The company has made its name on the back of the home consoles such as the Gameboy Color and Nintendo 64 games such as Mario and Donkey Kong to begin with. However, it has since been followed to the curve, and it has developed games for several different platforms. In addition to the current Nintendo console for the Switch, it is the business of smartphone games, including the recently released Mario Kart for the Tour. Also Read – Nintendo confirms that 160,000 of accounts have been taken as part of the recent hacking attempts

Even though Nintendo is making smartphone games for a few years now, they are still not really rolling on the success of the console games. According to an international monetary Fund report in May, the president Shuntaro Furukawa said, “We’re not necessarily looking to continue to unlock a whole host of new applications for the mobile market.” Due to the fact that the lock on the period of time, it is a great boon for the gaming industry. It’s not all for Nintendo, and they didn’t really have a huge boost in sales at this point in time. Well-Read – Nintendo-power Switch revenue more than doubled year-on-year in March, NPD

In comparison to games such as PUBG, Mobile, Nintendo has not really cracked the mobile gaming market. While the most popular games on the mobile, follow the freemium model. What this means is that the game can be downloaded free of charge, and players can use to buy items and cosmetics, to money. As Nintendo follows a variety of models for different games and monthly subscriptions have a one-time fee to buy it. The company has stated that it will focus on the games that it already has.

In fact, Nintendo won’t be releasing any new games this year, and will instead concentrate on the development of already-released games. This should continue for the whole year, which means new games for the year 2020. However, for reference, Mario Kart, basically the Tour to hit 129.3 million downloads in a single month. It was at the end of October last year, and the numbers in both the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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