Nike Training Club is a Premium Training for Children


As athletes, our relationship with exercise is just as important as the breath we take. Training, training — it all comes down to how we perceive motion. If we have a specific training, we have a tendency to recreate it or even integrate it into our daily routine. If we are opposed to an activity, and it is, but as an integral part of our way of life.

At Nike, we understand that the children of Made to Playhowever, they are made to work out?

Well, the short answer is yes.

As a natural evolution of the provision of the individuals and their families with the digital tools they need in order to operate through US Premium (an AMERICAN, a subscription-based service, is now accessible at no cost, and that is also true for a studio-style, streaming, training, progressive training programs, and expert tips from Nike Master Trainers), Nike has extended its collection of tools and resources for the training of six new training programs for families and young people.

The planning of the exhibition, which arises out of the endeavour to help children to cultivate a healthy relationship with exercise, that a healthy life is to be a lasting part of their lives.


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