Nike, Stüssy 2020 Spiridon, and Kukini


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Nike and Stüssy: the Legacy of the Creative Community

The Nike x Stüssy Air Zoom Kukini

For those of you who are interested in trivia, Stüssy was the first streetwear brand’s collaboration with Nike.

Be the first collab, in a pair of exclusive Huaraches, was released in the year 2000, and started a two-decades-long relationship with you. It is a partnership that was the beginning of a fair portion of its ground-breaking news releases (for example, Stüssy was a key co-signatory of the Nike Dunk and underground classics, and a few brands have the chutzpah to be a champion of underground favourites such as Sky Force. The output is a regular, if not a little episodic, and in the final chapter of this document, which is marked by interpretations of the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon’s Cage 2 Nike Air Zoom Kukini, demonstrating the fluid connections between the brands.

“I think that it is absolutely essential that these kinds of relationships exist — and those that are based on historical, deeply culture-authentic connections,” said Fraser Cooke, Nike-the Special Projects Senior Director.

Cooke has a bearing on the relationship to flourish over the years, and have long-standing links with the Stüssy Tribe, is an indication of the cross-pollination between music, fashion and skateboarding, which are catalysed, and, ultimately, be defined, to provide a truly global view of the youth culture. From his home in London, and in the environment around the Stüssy connected to Cooke, and many, many others like him, to be with like-minded people in the Los angeles, Milan, New York and many, many more.

“It was a trans-atlantic crew, and Stüssy was a very, very, very, very early incarnation of what was happening, of course, in the cultural community,” Cooke said of Stüssy’s core supporters in the 1990s. “Historically, it begins with such a strong family atmosphere that has brought street wear all over the world. It has created a line that is also embraced by a new people who, in the past few years.”

Then, Stüssy has an impulse has been given to the younger generations and with respect for the past and fresh new ideas. This has been taken to its relationship with the Nike pure. Each project is followed to the ethos and processes of work in the past, and even taken cues from the most modern of Stüssy’s inner circle. The focus is on the material, it is an instant of well-selected leather, heavy cloth, as it is their preference, for a playful articulation of the Nike Swoosh.

Due to this, each project will help to make sure that the power of the Nike and Stüssy to connect and form a link from one generation to the next.

“In this way, to try to match, or some kind of enclosure that will match up with a certain mindset, it is important for Nike and Stüssy continue in order to ensure that it continues to happen today,” said Cooke. “One of the great things about the Nike and Stüssy, that is, we are constantly in the folds of the new creative community.”

In the next iteration from Nike and Stüssy in the long-term co-operation is a worldwide July 30th. The coastal California-inspired footwear and apparel collection, the new Nike x Stüssy Air Zoom Kukini Nike x Stüssy Benassi, slides, and Stüssy clothing in the classic, including a bucket, hat, beach pant and beach shorts. One of the iconic Nike Windrunner jacket rounds from the co-branded, and beach-ready in line.

“It is the aim of the collection is creating timeless American sportswear and add it to the 20-year-old tradition of co-operation carried out by Nike and Stüssy,” says Fraser Avey, Brand Director for Stüssy. “It’s a meshing of the worlds, and the people, as a global tribe is centered around doing your own thing and be creative, think about it.”


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