NIKE, Inc. Reports Fiscal 2020 In the Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results


As of today, roughly 90 percent of NIKE-owned shops are opened all over the world. Retail traffic continues to improve week-on-week, with a higher conversion rates compared to the prior-year period.**

In China, almost 100 percent of NIKE-owned shops will be open.

In North America, EMEA, and APLA, about 90 percent of the physical property, the shops were closed in the fourth quarter, stores are gradually re-opening at a different rate in each country as of mid-May. Today, nearly 85 percent of NIKE-owned stores are in North America, and around 90% in the EMEA region, with around 65 per cent will be open in APLA, or operating under reduced hours.

“If it is the physical retail, re-opening, NIKE’s strong-digital trends set to continue, a testament to the strength of our brand and the investments we have made to the rise of digital consumer experience,” said Matt, a Friend, an Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of NIKE, Inc. ‘In the midst of the macroeconomic uncertainty, we continue to operate with the agility, aimed at optimising the efficiency of the market, demand and supply, cost control, and to use our financial strength to drive long-term, sustainable, profitable growth.”**

As we continue to open stores and improve the distribution center’s activity, we will continue to focus on the priorities of the well-being of our teammates-to-consumer and pro-active measures in order to ensure a safe and secure environment. During the quarter, we made significant investments to provide the employee with pay, continuity, and commitment of more than $25 million in support of communities affected by the COVID-19, among others COVID-19 response to exercise.


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