Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Release Dates, Official photos


June 22, 2020 – By 2020, Nike Basketball has been in the development of the brand, is the industry-leading work in the improvement of the energy consumption due to footwear innovation. Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director at Nike, Basketball shoes, and also led a team on a mission to to move, Nike Air, is one of our most effective cushioning a platform for energy efficiency, and the creation of the Nike Air Zoom BB and NXT.

“It’s a game, and the athletes have evolved in this new era of basketball,” says Klein. “We have the athletes who take part in ‘positionless’, and the generation of the values of all of the functions of the court. Inside the NBA-only those positionless athletes face a gruelling journey, starting with the training, in the off-season, the preseason and the 82-game season, playoffs, Finals. Fatigue is the enemy, and the endurance of the mind.”

To continue to be fresh for the game, it is of crucial importance in the closing moments, is the key. With that in mind, the Nike Air Zoom BB-NXT is introducing a unified system of full-length Nike REACT with the foam -plate-and-Nike-Air-Zoom pods offer the basketball players at all levels of impact, protection and energy return.

“The shoe is similar to that of a car,” said Klein. “There are many parts and pieces, all of which are for a very specific function, but working together.”

The shoe is made of three industry-leading, performance-driven benefits that are the prime energy go back, having been optimized for shock absorption and sturdiness. Specific innovations will include:

  • Exposed to Nike to React and foam under the heel makes for a smooth, responsive and are ready
  • A thin plate that is on top of the foam provides torsional stiffness
  • The two Air Zoom units are placed in the bottom of the ball of the foot is continuously to absorb an athlete’s energy and to ensure a large response
  • The upper is a lightweight mesh fabric with a tactile, textured print that gives the support and durability that athletes need to
  • With a plush foam sole and a padded collar with a notch for the support of the achilles tendon allows for a more comfortable fit

Updated at 9:00 AM PST on the 22nd June.

The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT releases, the black and the green to be ‘Dangerous’ colorway, the 2nd of July in Greater China and July 25 in the united states. The ‘ white ‘Rawthentic’ colorway release in North America in September.

Download hi-res images, please click here.


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