Nightmares Creep In the First picture of the ” Martyrs Lane [Cannes]


Originally from the united kingdom, Bloody Disgusting has scored the first image of the Martyrs Lane Is Aa new ghost story from the Ruth Platt.

In the movie, “the Lea (Kiera Thompsonlive in a great parish, full of lost souls and the needy, and her parents are busy with their ministry, and her older sister.

“In its day, the house was full of people, late at night, it’s dark and empty, a space for the Lea’s nightmares to creep in.

“Leah, can’t quite work out why something feels missing in her relationship with her mother, no matter how hard they try. When a little night-time visitor is to be displayed, the Lea feels that the obligation to receive them with kindness and consideration, and a little game between them begins in the Lea is set up as a nightly job. With each task, the Lea’s knowledge increases knowledge about who unpicks the broken relationship she has with her mother, and threatens to destabilize the world as they know it.”

By Ipso-Facto Productions, the film also stars Denise Gough, Generous, Patient, Sayer, Steven Cree, Hannah Raeand Anastasia Hille.

Producers Christine Alderson and Katie Hodgkin, by Lizzie Francke, Norman Merry, Peter, and Hampton, Ian Sharp and Rebecca Joerin-Sharp, and Emma Dutton-executive produce.


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