New, Yes, the Watch is going global with the SD3100 processor, WearOS


Earlier this month, and Yes, Germany has published the specs for the international, Yes, but today we get a good offer. The global, Yes, you, Watch, can, share, the name of the Chinses have a counterpart, but it is substantially different on the inside.

In the worldwide, Yes, the Watch comes with a pair of chipsets, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 to Bear, it will help in the execution of the Wear and tear of the OX, and the Ambiq Micro’s Apollo, 3, the powers of the system are what Oppo calls a low-power mode.

The Yes Watch is available in two sizes, 46 mm diameter, 41 mm), with the first one, which is a 1.91″ TOUCH-screen 402 x 476 resolution, while the other has a 1.6-inch OLED screen and 320 x 360 pixel.

The body is constructed from 6000-series aluminum, while the rear surface of the plastic + glass-ceramic at a larger version of it. The 41 mm Watch is just plastic and nothing else. Both versions have a “fluororubber” strap, while the Stainless Steel version, which was introduced into China, it will have to stay at home.

New, Yes, the Watch is going global with the SD3100 processor, WearOS

The key selling point of the Yes Watch, with the dual-boot solution – being able to perform WearOS, or a low-power energy-saving mode, depending on your needs. Be the first to bring smart, smartwatch features, such as Google Play, and GPay, and OK Google support, while the latter is only of the essence, as the time, notifications, and alarms, as well as any of the other basic is the smart band.

The two modes differ in their stamina – and the Yes, the Watch can go between 24 and 36 hours in the Smart Mode, respectively, for the 41/46 mm versions), or the 14/21-day, with Power Saver Mode .

Yes, you, with exposures of 15 minutes on the magnetic charger in, it would fill up 46% of the battery, and it would be 75 minutes at 100%. However, this is the one for the larger size to the smaller Watch, it can only be up to 30% in just 15 minutes, despite having a smaller cell, the maximum output of 430, 300 mAh battery capacity.

New, Yes, the Watch is going global with the SD3100 processor, WearOS

The Yes Watch 46mm and a 41mm-in Wi-Fi-only versions, while the larger one is also available with LTE-a support, with an eSIM to chip in. According to the press release, Vodafone, Orange and Celcom carriers, but you can probably go with a different carrier, as long as the eSIM to support and work within the required bands.

New, Yes, the Watch is going global with the SD3100 processor, WearOS

The greater Yes, the Watch can be purchased in either a Black or a Lustrous Gold, while the smaller one has three colours, Black, Pink, Gold, Silver, and a Mist. The price in Europe starting at €249, while the Indian customers will have to INR14,990 (200/€170) or for INR19,990 ($265/€225), out of their pockets, then again, depending on the size.

Pre-orders have already begun, with shipments slated for the first half of the month of August.



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