Netflix offers playback speed change on Android


Netflix users on Android are getting a new feature this week. The video streaming giant is bringing the option after it claimed many members have been requesting it for years. According to this report, the feature will be available with the new update for the Android app from today onwards. Also Read – Netflix now allows some users to ‘Pause’ their Membership for up to 10 months

You might be aware that Netflix allowed people to stream content at 1x speed by default. And with this new update, the streaming platform will support 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x and 1.5x playback speed options as well. The feature first made its debut last year. Also Read – Netflix now available for Google Nest Hub series

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And the company wanted to make sure the playback speeds don’t interfere with the audio quality of the video streaming. Because of which they have taken longer to publicly roll out the feature. The option will be available for all content available through the platform. So, it can be a movie or show that you’re streaming, or something you have downloaded before. The company also confirmed that iOS and web versions of Netflix will soon get the playback feature. But no word on its availability for the TV app. Also Read – Netflix Mobile+ Plan at Rs 349 in India: All you need to know

Netflix brings pause membership option

Netflix has been on a roll lately with new features and plans. And last month, the platform started offering ‘pause membership’ option to its users. The new feature lets you temporarily stop your subscription plan for up to 10 months. If you resume within these 10 months, you still have access to your account, saved history and settings.

However, users can pause their membership only at the end of their billing month, not immediately. This basically means that the pause feature is actually a change in the existing cancel membership option on Netflix, which also retains your data for 10 months before you get a completely clean slate. However, the new change is not merely cosmetic, as the pause option makes it very convenient for users to come back to their account with a single click.


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