Netflix has been testing Mobile+ plan in India, high definition, streaming to mobile devices, tablets, and pcs


About a year ago, Netflix introduced a cheaper plan in India – mobile, mobile-only, SD resolution, and INR200 in a month. Now, the company is in the process of testing a more premium version, which will be in a much sharper HD images.

The cost of this new interface,+ plan, to the INR350 a month (that’s$4.70/us $ 4.10) and the constraints remain much the same. You can only have one device – a smartphone, tablet or computer, a “Smart Tv” is not on the list. Please note that the old Mobile plan to connect the Pc’s from the list of available devices, so that’s yet another reason to go to Mobile+.

Netflix’s new INR 350 Mobile:+ plan, with full HD resolution

The limitations seem to be a fair trade-off, both SD and HD (presumably 720p) won’t look good on a big screen TV, but the difference between SD and HD, it should be visible at all, even on a mobile screen.

Once again, this is just a test, Netflix said that it will have to wait and see whether or not the Mobile phone+ the plan appears to be popular with their subscribers to constantly add to the selection.



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