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Motorola is working on a “plus” version of the popular A Vision, an adaptation that appeared in the Google Play Console. He will be joined by the first of a new generation of E-series phones, with the Console turned out well for the Moto E7.

The Motorcycle is A Vision, Plus the dropping of the punch hole is to the advantage of a teardrop shaped cutout for the selfie camera. The screen is 6.3” and we have to guess) and 1080p resolution, which is the same as that of the original.

So, what is the “plus” on this phone? It’s not the memory, it will come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The original had 128GB of storage. Also, the Plus one will be launching with Android for A 9 Pie, while the vanilla model has received the Android 10, jan.

To be honest, we don’t know if Motorola will upgrade the chipset to the Exynos 9609 of the original, but this is not the case, then it needs to have a tested, version of Android 10.

Moving on to the Moto C7, is the first of Motorola’s new entry-level line-up. The phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 632 set. This is the same chip that was used in the mid-range of the G7-the series (even though they are a little over a year old now, and will be replaced by the g-8 models only).

The 2 gb of RAM, there’s not much to work with for a full-Android-10 – yes, the entry-level model will have a newer version of it. However, we hope that there will be an option, with a minimum of 3 gigabytes (gb).

The E7 will have a 720p+ screen (19:9). Given the pixel density, the screen should be about 6” (although bear in mind that the DPI’s list of world heritage sites in the Console, it is more of a guide to the app, the UI scale, then an accurate measurement). In the last Moto and E6s (by 2020), has a 6.1” screen, the original, the E6 has a smaller 5.5”.

Moto-Vision Plus and motor E7-pop-up-on-Google-Play-Consoole

There is no information as to when the Moto-Vision Plus and motor E7 will be officially made, but, once again, to the Google Play Console, it is usually one of the last events in the pre-launch check-list.

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