‘Mortal Shell’ of the Closed Beta are Now Open, Demo on The Epic Games Store


With the success of the recently launched closed beta testing for the Mortal Shell, Playstack, and the developer, the Cold Symmetry of the feature and decided to turn it into an open beta. Players will be able to get to the head of the title Epic Game’s Store page download the demo and start honing their skills for when the Mortal Shell it makes its official debut later this year.

The beta build allows you to have two of the Mortal Shell, Harros and the Oss and to show that these two types of characters that players will be able to use it in the game. No word on when this beta will end on the 10th of July (when the original closed beta and is scheduled for completion in the end), but rather to be safe than sorry, get it while you have the chance.

Mortal Shell scheduled for release end of Q3, on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $29.99.


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