Mobile-teases-High-Rise map in the coming season


It is an exciting, new content for Call of Duty: Mobile will soon, as the devs have teased the release of a High-Rise in the map below. The High-Rise card, is available to play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And it looks like the developers are going to be on the map, go to the mobile version of the game, with the next seasonal update. This won’t be the first time that the maps are from previous Call of Duty games have been added to the mobile phone. Also Read Call of Duty game, Mobile takes PUBG Mobile, and with 250 million downloads

Recently, Call of Duty: Mobile the-season 7 (Radioactive Agent, has been launched. This is a new season brings seven new areas, and an expansion of the existing site to the new Battle Royale map. Players will earn rewards from uniform, some of the flow of the Battle, the Pass, a visit to the Submarine in a 2v2 Battle, and much more. There is a Battle Royale map, earnable, functional weapons, new skins for your favorite soldiers, but events in the past, such as the Output Sector, and so on. Also, Read that Call of Duty: Mobile of Season 7 of the Radioactive Agent is

A radioactive Agent that brings about a major change in the Work-Pass systems, since the players now progress along a single stream of content. The free layers are spread over the whole of the stream is a reward from the content, and for all of the players they faced, and the players who purchase the Battle will Only display the content at every level. In Tier 14, and all players will have access to the new Cluster, the Strike Scorestreak. Progress Tier 21 in order to unlock a new functional weapon, QQ9 THEM. The free layers in the stream to the ‘Danger’ and ‘Warning’ camos for a wide variety of items. Also, Read that Call of Duty: the Mobile Gold Rush Event, which is now live

With the purchase of the Battle Until the next season to earn money to make new content for all levels. Join the battle with a Hazmat Spirit to be unlocked by law, Tier 1), followed by Kreuger Alchemist in Tier 12. To earn an epic weapon skins such as the M4 and a Back Scratcher on the Tier 40 and QQ9 high Tide at Tier 50. Also unlocked at Tier 50’s the classic Calling card, ‘to Pursue.’ Fight your battles in style when you use the Rare ‘Radioactive’, and it is possible to play a dynamic and ‘fill up’ camo-series.

In the Battle Royale map has changed for the new season, with a massive expansion, with seven new and different areas: on the Black Market, the Harbour, the city Centre, Sanatorium, Ski-to-City -, Heat -, and Cold-wet areas. The new Battle Royale map update, which is more than 45% higher than that of the original.

In addition, there are other elements in the game, check out the full patch notes here.


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