Microsoft-Surface Duo-specs-leak


Microsoft has been involved with the testing of the next Area-Double in house, a device with two screens on the same side, with a 360-degree hinge between them. Thus, while neither the display of the display panel is folded, and that hinge will give you plenty of use cases for flexibility.

In the Area a couple s is only 4.8 mm thin, and if it is open, and, thus, 9.6 mm thick, when closed. A lot of the specs of the device have leaked out today, so here is what we have come to expect.

The Surface of the Duo screens have to be identical – 5.6 is:” a SMARTPHONE with 1800×1350 resolution and large panels. The device will run on Android 10, with a planned upgrade to Android 11 to hit very soon after its release. The support for the Surface Pen has been built.

The chipset at the helm of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 from the previous year, which was a very strange choice, and let’s not forget that the most iconic devices out on the market, and yesterday’s flagship SoC’s have never done well, sales-wise. The reason for this move seems to be to do with the fact that Microsoft finally got the Surface and couple the internal design to the Snapdragon 865 was one thing, and that there is no room for the X55 5G modem, is that We require companies to be used in conjunction with the 865.

Microsoft-Surface Duo-specs-leak

The device is equipped with 6 gb of memory (RAM), which may be good for Google, but it’s a mid-ranger and a level in the highly competitive Android smartphone market, in which the flag-ships will now start with 8 GB and 16 GB. In any case, there will be a 256 gb storage capacity, and it can be extended. The camera (s) will be one of 11 MP, f/2.0 snapper with 1.12 um pixel size, the more it feels like a blast from the past (with the exception of the odd resolution).

With a fingerprint scanner and will take care of the biometric authentication and the total capacity of the battery pack to the Surface, the Duo is said to be… 3,460 mAh battery. That is, it is small, it doesn’t matter how you look at it. The only comparison is that it doesn’t come up short with the Pixel to be 4, but the phone is the horrible battery life of the battery, and for a good reason.

Microsoft-Surface Duo-specs-leak

There’s no NFC and no wireless charging, and it is not 5G, it is both. Microsoft’s pre-installed apps will work on both screens using a drag-and-drop between two different apps, where this is applicable, but not all, third-party apps can do this. It’s going to be up to the developers to have this functionality, and we all know how well that went for the Android tablets to have a House that is not just a phone, but a scale-up.

The Surface area, the Duo can be “almost ready” to launch, despite Microsoft’s claims that it would only come out in the stores by the end of this year. The plans may have changed in the meantime.



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