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Michael Jordan was not only the greatest player on earth, but it can also be one of the toughest competitors ever. More than that, he is a master of the fine, the fine art of trash-talking.

Those who have some form of interaction with him is always the same: He was not going to let you win, he will have you up and he beat you, he wanted to humiliate me, and you’ll never hear the end of it, after you have lost it in front of him.

We are sorry for Patrick Ewing, he will always end up on the losing end of matchups with the KID, as he was one of the Chicago Bulls the favorite victims of Jordan’s prime. In fact, Michael Jordan was the main reason as to why Ewing never won an NBA Championship.

Needless to say, Colorado is still suffering from his negative record against the Black Cats, as he recently told ESPN that The Jump in the Jordan still talks trash to him, even to this day:

“I played 17 years of age, and, as you said, for six years, played against the Bulls to six times. We were only able to win one of these times, and unfortunately, he wasn’t there. So, he’s been talking trash since the first day I met him, and he still continues to talk trash, I have to tell you that I have never beaten him when it counts,” Ewing said.

Of course, Jordan, and Colorado have moved in the past is that tough, physical rivalry they had during their playing days. They even told the court that the legendary 1992 Dream Team and the’ve a small role in Space Jam, so you know they are good.

Jordan, however, did not let anything stand in the way between him and the competition. Regardless of whether or not you are a friend, a rival or a brother, or know, that he is always on the go for the throat, and, most importantly, he will never be forgotten.


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