Maharashtra: in order To generate revenue, MSRTC put 18,500 diesel buses to LNG

Written by Iram Siddique
| Mumbai |

Posted on: dec 27, 2020 2:41:37 am

In the first stage, the MSRTC will deploy 1,200 diesel-powered buses to run on LNG. File

With the sharp rise in the price of diesel, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), which is grappling with a compound of losses, it announced on Friday that it is converting its diesel-run fleet of 18,500 buses to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).

Be the talk of the coaches and will be followed up by measures such as route rationalisation, and the commercial exploitation of its land, and the increase of its freight traffic to its business in the country feasible.

Those measures, designed to MSRTC is established to contribute to the decrease of the losses were decided following a meeting between the Minister of Transport, Anil Parab, Secretary of State for Transport, Satej Patil and MSRTC managing Director Shekhar Channe, on Thursday.

In the first stage, the MSRTC will deploy 1,200 diesel-powered buses to run on LNG. The decision was made after the corporation has spent approximately 34% of the income, if fuel costs for the fleet of 18,500 buses. In addition, MSRTC, which has no goods to transport from the 21st of May, and will be actively working to expand its reach and network. As a guideline, it will be sent to all government departments to use the MSRTC services for the transport of goods within the state.

Within a month, the MSRTC goods, buses, trucks and cars to have 1,907 travel, earning a revenue of Rs 72 lakh. The company has plans to expand it to reach a target of Rs 250 crore in December 2021.

At the meeting, Parab called on the officials to look out for in the commercial use of MSRTC depots, in order to generate revenue. Furthermore, MSRTC opens a repair workshop for private and public buses.

The unions, meanwhile, have pushed on to the MSRTC management to consider the offer of a voluntary retirement scheme for its employees to bring down costs.

In a letter submitted to the Parab, Shrirang Ship, Maharashtra, ST Karmachari Congress had called for nearly 75,000 workers over the age of 55 will be allowed to opt for voluntary retirement.

This, according to the Barge, it will help the company to save about Rs 170 crore, which he spends on their salaries and wages. “If it is a profitable plan, many older workers will have to opt for the scheme,” he said.

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