Lil wayne’s commitment to Latecia Thomas fans are angry is due to her body size!!! Check it out.


American Rapper Lil Wayne just came out with their new collection by the name of “burial service.” Also, he is one of those stars who is the hidden love and life away from the media. This time, things take a u-turn. The new series is, perhaps, the most important of the collection contain ideas about Lil Wayne’s affection for life. Also, he has to make sure that its love at first sight.

Since the previous not many months, of bits of gossip have been a slip, that he was of a larger size model from Australia. Tunes like “Stop playing with me” and “Not Me”, from the collection of the verses, which go like:

“Oh, I got to be a good approximate model, But she is my lil mother I love her breasts in front of me like a pinata after the world changed, she had to be my turn to be a specialist.” and “you’ll know You’re wifey to Australia,” she said, ‘Cheers, mate’/and we toast, and to see how well you are s***s, tears, taste.”

These verses make it extraordinarily clear that Lil Wayne is a discussion on La Tecia Thomas, is a larger model out of Australia.

That is, La Tecia Thomas?

She’s Australian, a model, and it is well-known for her plus size body. The model has flaunted her wedding band in a couple of posts. When asked if she’s locked up in there? She responded with a resounding, “Yes.” Even though they have no idea what is being referred to, that is her life partner, her observations, and exercises on Lil Wayne’s posts will make you understand it.

For A Refreshing Change.

Lil Wayne has been hitched before, and as a right hand man, avoided the media, but his new assistant is to be available to the media and to avoid its veneration of the web-based networks.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and the Small person was a big part of the Love, for the Love of all.


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