LG will launch 13 all new Q-series range of phones in the next few months


The south Korean smartphone brand, LG has teamed up and applied for 13 new one (s) of the device. All of these new mobile phones will be reportedly launched in the mid-range of LG’s Q-series. Applications the names of these devices were recently submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property rights Information Service (KIPRIS). Also, read The futuristic-looking LG, and ended up with a wet dual-screen, which looks like a Tony Stark invention

The phone itself is equipped with a simple numbered names, in contrast to the approach of the fire, it took the newly introduced LG’s Felt. The names are: Q31, Q32, Q33, Q51, Q51S, Q52, Q53, Q61, Q62, Q63, Q91, Q92, and Q93. Filed under the Class 9 category, 13 of the phones to be expected in smartphones and tablets. All of these are Q-series of devices, with latest models in the line-up, with the exception of the T30 series. This is a new series of items that you can, in fact, be replacements for the older LG K10 series. The approach here is, perhaps, the decline of the “K-series” moniker in favor of a new name is taken from the higher-end series. Also Read – LG He will be made official with a Snapdragon 765G and 5 G note: Check the price, availability and

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The only phone that has some more information about the pioneer Q51, which was actually announced a month ago. This phone is powered by MediaTek Helio-P22, and the 3 gb of RAM, along with a 6.5-inch 720p+ screen, powered by a 4000 mAh battery. The rest of the new Q-series will be unveiled over the course of the next few months. Also Read – LG, a Couple of live images and a hands-on video that was leaked from the Korean store; check out the details

The LG Wing is in the works, to be provided by rotating the dual-screen design

In other news, another leak of the brand-showing a phone with a form factor that represents the letter ” o ” when it is completely opened. This is due to the swivel screen. The phone is code-named the LG-Side. The device will have a 4-inch-square display screen that is concealed beneath the screen. When you try to flip said display screen, the display is in a landscape orientation, with the unveiling of a new square in the display next to it.

When fully opened, the secondary screen is similar to the two wings of the opening adjacent to the screen. This is what probably gave the LG a Wing up to its name. According to a report from the GSMArenathe LG Wing is able to run on a Snapdragon 700 series processor, and the implementation of a 64-mega pixel camera sensor.

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