LG, He arrives in the US tomorrow for $ 599


As you may know, OnePlus, unveiled in the premium mid-range smartphone of today. But wait, LG has to be one of them. Indeed, the Korean company has already presented on the Felt, but decided today to announce the availability of the data for the united states.

With the LG, He’ll be in the States on July 22nd (aka tomorrow for $599 from AT&t, T-Mobile and Verizon both offer it “later this summer”. The Couple will be at Aurora Gray, Aurora, Silver Aurora (Red, Pink, and White.

It’s a model, it will not be surprising, therefore, that the support provided by the carrier for mmWave 5G network, so the name is LG, a Couple of 5G of YOUR time (it is not the first time we’ve see it).

LG’s marketing campaign for the a Couple of in the USA, equipped with Jason Derulo, with the celebrities lined up for the near future.

The Velvet is LG’s latest attempt to win over the mobile world, focusing on design and usability, and not so much on raw specs. If you’re intrigued, don’t miss out on our full in-depth review, which we’ll talk about the Dual-Screen applications in your device.



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