Lenovo’s “Legion” – the phone will be addressed on a horizontal experience


The continuation of the teasers for the promotion of the upcoming gaming phone. Lenovo has a new short video, posted on the social network Weibo. The video shows the experience of the use of the Legion’s Telephone is in a horizontal position. Also Read – Lenovo-Legion-gaming-smartphone with a 144Hz monitor, and on the side of the pop-up camera surfaces online

In contrast to many other smartphones on the market, Lenovo wants to be innovative in the industry, delivering for the consumer to use. This will be a perfect fit for the use of the smartphone in landscape mode, with the device in place of the traditional use in the vertical position. In the 16-second video, posted on Weibo, the creation of the interface is shown as in the person who has the access to the Wi-Fi settings, while the sub-menu that is open on both sides of the screen, and the smartphone is used in the horizontal orientation. Also Read – Lenovo-Legion-gaming phone will launch with a 90 the fast charging tech

Lenovo Cadre Phone to a Horizontal position to experience

While the idea of providing an experience is a whole in the landscape, it seems to be very interesting. It is worth noting that there are issues with Android itself, due to the lack of optimization, which can be problematic in some situations. As the video demonstrates, the user will need to use both hands to control the phone, since it is not possible for a large appliance, such as a smartphone, and these are in horizontal mode, with only one hand. Also Read – Lenovo-Legion-gaming-smartphone-appears-in, and tips to dual USB Type-C ports

However, the Lenovo Legion will also include support for vertical use, although its true potential for horizontal use. So far, Lenovo has confirmed that it is “Legion” – the gaming smartphone will offer you a surprisingly high 90 high-speed charging technology. It is the fastest and most powerful ever seen on a mobile device.

Lenovo will also have to provide a complete set of accessories in order to use the smartphone to its full potential. The device will come with an overclocked Snapdragon 865 Maximum extreme score of over 600-thousand points in Antutu. This will be the first device in the world to surpass that mark.


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