Lenovo is sure the club will pay the full 30 minutes


The upcoming Lenovo’s Multitude of gaming smartphones in only a few days away from the start, along with the Asus ROG Phone-III, and other gaming phone, the tech community has been looking forward to. However, a lot of leaks and rumors, and the official teasers out there for both phones, with a new revelation of the Lenovo Legion, at least, one of the most important features to stand out among the rest, that is, the time needed to recharge. Also Read – Lenovo-Legion-Gaming Phone will be revealed in an advert ahead of launch

The new 90 “Twin Turbo” charge of the tech system on the smartphone, take care of the full load in a record time of 30 minutes. That’s pretty impressive, considering the phone has a very large 5,000 mAH battery. Just like a lot of the newer, high-volt fast-charging institutions, the Lenovo Legion of the battery is divided into two parts, which are at the same time, will be charged. Also Read – Lenovo-Legion (Gaming, Phone, Pro, poster surfaces online, confirms the side-mounted camera setup

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It has also been found to be in the same teaser that has been deployed 16 of the safety controls in order to ensure that all of the power that is in the phone, and through the 90-charging tech ‘is in control. Such as the Asus ROG Phone II last year, it has two USB-C ports, one on the ground, while the other is on the side o0f the phone. This will help you in the game, without the hassle of running wires between your fingers regardless of whether you’re playing in a portrait or landscape, title. Also check out The Lenovo’s Legion, it will be a good 144Hz is the refresh rate of the screen

Lenovo Legion with 144Hz display

We have also recently found out that the screen on the Lenovo Legion will be 144Hz refresh rate support, along with powerful speakers and a dual-linear vibrations of the motors in the body, allowing for a completely immersive gaming experience, at least on paper. In addition, the pop-up selfie camera, Lenovo’s Regiment has gone to the side of the phone, which is the device is the best, because it has been optimized for horizontal use.

Prior to the launch on the 22nd of July, is one of the most important elements of the phone, which is, of course, is the presence of a Snapdragon 865+ chipset, which will put the phone in the same league as the Asus ROG Phone III, which has also been launched on the same day.


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