Lenovo Cadre Phone on a horizontal experience, as a teaser, unveils


Lenovo’s first game under the Legion brand, which has been the subject of a long teaser campaign, but we have yet to see a start-date and have the correct spec sheet from an official source.

Today, the company’s Weibo profile, posted a short teaser, to emphasize that the call is intended to be used in a horizontal position. This was already suggested by previous rumors, which revealed the great Phone will get a pop-up selfie camera, and the main gunners are in the middle of the back of it.

The layout of the user interface of the Cadre Phone, the additional optimization for landscape mode in the Settings menu and sub-menus to open up on both sides of the screen.

In this way you can maximize the visualization area,” and as for the phone, it is most likely a placeholder, it could also be the great Phone without a camera or a notch on the front of it.

We know all of the great phone will be 90 battery, game pad, accessories, and will arrive with ‘game-changing’ liquid cooling technology.

The manufacturer claims that the phone will be the first one to surpass the 600,000 threshold on Facebook, something of a modern Snapdragon 865-enabled phones are still in trouble, the Mi 10 The Pro can go as high as 593,769.

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