Leatherface Puts the time of Death due to Daylight Mobile Today


It’s not the 4th birthday, a surprise (which is on the 26th of May, but Dead by Daylight, a Mobile to users, this is a very welcome addition. Behaviour Interactive has announced today that it will not only in the iOS and Android version of the asymmetrical multiplayer game, now has more than 3 million downloads worldwide, just a month after its launch, but in The Experiment, aka. Leatherfaceit is now a playable character for the mobile game players.

With the console and PC version, Leatherface is supplied with three unique advantages, and armed with his battle-ax and a trusty chain saw. This is all part of the new update for the mobile version, which is the progression system, characters will now be linked to the individual character’s XP to the Bloodweb. The individual nature of XP can be earned by playing any of the characters and the reception of the logos for each of the played game.

The update also introduces a new “dangerous Waters Set” style, players will be able to unlock them with in-game currency. Finally, the game will be receiving bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Dead by Daylight it is also available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Turn.


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