Kuo: WeChat banned in the U.S., could impact iPhone sales worldwide


Last week, the Trump card of the Administration, signed an executive order that prohibited both ByteDance, and Tencent, the conduct of business by U.s. companies in a bid to make the prohibition of Chinese apps, which are reportedly been accused of posing a risk to the U.s. consumer’s data in the hands of the Chinese government.

Apple’s iPhone, for 11, Pro, Max, 11, and 11 to Pro –

Today, it is a long-time Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has just two possible outcomes of the new ban. By MacRumors citing a new research note from Kuo, the worst-case scenario, it predicts that the iPhone’s fall from 25% to 30% off worldwide, when the app has been removed from the App Store around the world.

Since WeChat is very much essential for Chinese users, and the integration of communication, payment, e-Commerce, social software, news, and productivity function, we believe that the move will be a tank for iPhone shipments in the China market.

Since the iPhone’s sales may be dropping, the iPhone is the best accessories can make the decline in sales. Kuo estimates a 15% to 25% decrease in the sales of other Apple products: the AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac-based computers.

It is estimated that worldwide iPhone shipments will decline by 25%-30%. Worldwide shipments of Apple hardware products, including the AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, or a decrease of 15%to 25%.

In the best-case scenario, Tencent’s ban will only cause Apple to delete WeChat from the App Store in the united states. If this were to occur, it is predicted that only about 3%-6% of the iPhone sales would be affected, while in the other Apple Products that are less than 3%. Kuo encourages the investors of the companies in the company’s demand to reduce their inventories as the WeChat’s ban may have an impact on these companies, or the worst-case and optimistic-case scenario.

The Tencent and TikTok ban does not come without its consequences. Even the Huawei ban is still in effect. Today, We have been trying to convince the Administration that it needs to be able to sell the chipsets to the Smartphone.



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