Kevin Hart Says He’s ‘Lucky’ To Reach 41 In a birthday post After a Scary Car Accident, And the Months Of Recovery!


It’s Kevin Hart’s birthday, and he was very happy to be celebrating it this year than in the past! If you’d like to know the reason as to why this is the case, that is, the actor and comedian almost lost his life in a terrible car accident, and because of his previous residence.

On the occasion of his 41st birthday, Heart, also posted a picture of himself to be the go-to platform, and from that moment he was smiling brightly, like he was on a boat, enjoying the sunshine.

In the caption, he told her of his many, many followers just how excited he is to be alive, after what happened to him: ‘be So blessed, and grateful, to see the age of 41 years. I’m lucky to be alive. There will never be another day that just passes by in my life that has not been treated with the highest level of respect and appreciation.’

As mentioned previously, Kevin was going through a pretty serious car accident that left him in poor health for months, which is a lot of concern from the others, while in the back.

The heart, apparently, suffered serious injuries to his legs, for which he had surgery and was in a lot of physical therapy!

Back in May, while on Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Kevin opened up about his road to recovery, and even in comparison to his return to the character of Rocky Balboa.

He said in the podcast that ” If I can continue to outdo myself from the previous day, then I can move forward. This is the energy I get from life right now. I am at the great Rockies, the story of my own life – it’s in my head. It is making a comeback. I’m going to have to come back better than ever.

In fact, Kevin still has to go to therapy as well as the needs of the service, but it’s safe to say that the results are already evident.


In fact, in November, he surprised everyone when he showed up at the E! The People’s Choice Awards.

Looking Back:


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