Kendrick Perkins: “Just A Few more to Shoot At Double Rims,… people like Steph, Klay, And Perks! Go on…’


Kendrick Perkins was never known as an offensive threat as well. In fact, the points often come from the range, put-backs, dunks, or the blatant failures of the opponent on the defensive. He is averaging 5.4 points per game on 53% shooting and only scored in double figures during a single season of his career (10.1 points).

However, it seems likely that the former Champion has forgotten about his limited offensive skills, as he has recently turned to Twitter to talk about his scoring abilities, which is the break down of the internet, with many people laughing their hearts out.

Call went out on Twitter to say that it is just a few of the shooters was able to score in this one will be hated and notorious, double-wheels, are to be in the company of snipers from the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are:

“Just a few more to shoot at double rims,…people like Steph, Klay and the Bed!!! Go on…” Perkins claimed.

Of course, Generally considers himself to be the third Splash Brother, who is hilarious, and since he’s only attempted 14 three arrows in his or her career and does not knock down all of them.

However, let’s not forget that Perkins also stated that he had an “automatic” jump-hook that are, of course, did not go unnoticed by NBA fans as well as trolls.

“Give me one of them…this is a jump-hook by me, it’s automatic,” the former national basketball association (NBA Champion tweeted.

His name had been anyone to laugh at in a couple of weeks ago by posting a video of him working on have been incredibly slow to be processed. Of course, it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t really believe that he will be an offensive juggernaut, and he’s just fooling around, but his recent comments and hot-it is far from being a fan favorite online.


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