Kendrick Perkins Changed his Mind About Who’s The Most Athletic NBA Player: ‘So Sorry, ‘King James’


We all know Kendrick Perkins is ready to take a shot at anyone, to make room for LeBron James. Regardless of the subject matter, the Horizon’s always there, at the Source, it looks good. This time, however, he ran into someone who works in the business, very clearly, to him, to do the unthinkable and change his mind.

Perkins took to Twitter to say that LeBron James is the most athletic player in NBA history. Little did he know that the Boston Celtics legend, Bill Russell was waiting for him to correct it and get him to tell you what the facts are.

“At 56, I would have made the Olympics in the high jump, but turned it down to play basketball, instead, we can only play one sport. Track and Field News ranked me as the #7 high jumper in the world, I was number 2 in the US @ the time. In addition to my leaping ability, I was also a bit of a well-known as an excellent sprinter,” Russell wrote on Twitter.

He kept things straight, and Last learned his lesson, and with acknowledgement of the Source and the change in attitudes towards this ‘debate’, if there is one.

“Oh, well, I’ve already checked out by another All-Time Great, so sorry about @KingJames, I’ve had a change of heart…. @RealBillRussell is the Most Athletic Player in the NBA History!!! I’m so sorry @RealBillRussell 👊🏾🙌🏾💪🏾,” Park wrote.

His name often comes after the other players, and legends to defend LeBron, but this time he didn’t have the means, than to admit that he was wrong. Props to Mr. Bill Russell.


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