Jio Platforms that will see the return of Silver Lake Partners, in a new deal


Jio Platforms and the technology, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, has received the seventh in a valuable investment. This is the second investment in the digital business, in as little as 24 hours. The company had raised Rs 9,093.60 crore, earlier in the day, due to the sale of 1.85% interest. Now, it is the view of the return to the existing investor, and the offering of additional investment. Silver Lake Partners, an investment and immediately after Facebook acquired 9.99 percent of the shares, and the extension of his or her investment. Also, Read Jio Platforms to get to the 6th the big deal if Mubadala to invest Rs 9093 crore, for a total amount of 1.85% of the outstanding shares

This time around, the Silver Lake Partners is investing an extra Rs 4,546.60 crore for 0.93% of the outstanding shares. This brings the total % of shares are owned by Silver Lake Partners and 2.08 per cent. It had been at 1.15% of the shares of Rs 5.655.75 crore investment will be on May 3, 2020. This brings the total investment made by Silver Lake and its co-investors, Rs 10,202.55 crore. Jio Platforms, has raised a total of Rs 92,202.15 crore since the beginning of April. Just like the previous offers, Silver Lake and the investment values of Jio Platforms in shareholders ‘ equity from Rs 4.91 lakh crore and an enterprise value of Rs 5.16 lakh crore. Also, Read Jio-Platforms: Microsoft, Twitter, and Mubadala, and others are looking to invest billions of dollars in

Jio Platforms will receive a second investment-in within the next 24 hours

Jio Platforms have become nothing less than a phenomenon in this country. The telecom venture, the leading cellular service provider in the country, with more than 388 million subscribers, following the introduction of the market in 2016. The success of Reliance Jio, and Jio Platforms digitalization is driving a strong support from the industry’s leading high-tech companies, and PE firms around the world. There have been reports that Microsoft, Twitter, and Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, are eyeing to invest $1 billion in a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. You can also read Reliance Jio plan, design, build, US equity firm, to invest $1.5 billion, and Here’s what we know

At the end of the investment made by Silver Lake Partners, Jio Platforms and has sold a total of 19.9% of the shares outstanding. It all started with a Facebook Rs 43,573.62 crore investment for a 9.99 per cent stake on April 22. The investment is nurtured, the PE firm’s interests. Silver Lake Vista, General Atlantic, KKR, and Mubadala, the others, which is a significant investment in the company. The investment will also help Reliance Industries to achieve their goals of a debt-neutral.

In a statement, Reliance said that the digital venture will be a leverage effect, Jio’s network technology to build a digital community and society. It is aimed at the digitisation of the services provided to consumers so they can shop online and pay online. While such services are already available in the country, Jio Platforms that you want to bring kirana stores to the digital world. This is considered to be a “game-changer”, and with it the potential for the WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging platform, with almost 400 million users across the country.


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