It’s an exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S20-5G NOW, it is available now


After a long wait, as of today, you may end up buying a Samsung Galaxy S20 in It. As promised last month, the carrier has to have it’s own exclusive version of the phone will be in stock, called the samsung Galaxy S20-5 G to YOUR.

Verizon is selling the samsung Galaxy S20+ S20 Ultra, but went to the junior and S20 to the Samsung was in a position to provide support for the unique mmWave 5G (which are its bigger brothers and sisters, and have been since day one).

The normal price is the same as anywhere else, the S20 can be yours for only $999. However, at the present day only if you want to order, you will receive a special $150 off, in the form of bill credits will be applied if you purchase by the use of the carrier’s installment plan for a period of 24 months.

You can grab it, the S20 is in Cosmic Grey, the Cloud is pink, pink, Pink, and White Cloud, the latter of which appears to be an exclusive colour for Verizon in the united States of america. With the purchase of the phone, is that you’ll get a follow the link to the right of it when you take it out of the box, installing the software G981VSQU1ATEA, so the June security patches. That’s a good start, so let’s hope It keeps this up to date.

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