iOS 14, beta users report seeing the 4K option in YouTube app


Several iPhone users have with the first developer beta of iOS to 14 report that they are seeing their YouTube video, the resolution all the way up to 2160p or 4K.

YouTube, the resolution is limited to the iOS iPadOS devices as well as the result of a codec incompatibility problem. YouTube encodes the video in two codecs AVC1 (h (x).A total of 264), and Google’s VP9. However, while the VP9-encoded video are to be available in all resolution and frame-rate options, AVC1 encoded videos are only available for up to 1080p60 resolution.

Apple had rejected Google’s VP9 codec, all the equipment, which is the reason why all of Apple’s devices, including Safari on the Mac and the Apple TV is limited to 1080p resolution, watching videos on YouTube. On the Mac, you can get around this by using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox, but that’s not an option for this in iphone, ipad, iPadOS, and tvOS-enabled devices.

However, according to the screenshots posted by users of the 2160p option for their iPhones, as the devices are read, the VP9 codec that’s fine up to 2160p at 60fps, with HDR. We’re not 100% sure, but if Apple is to decode this codec at the GPU level, or the software running on the CPU.

Apple has recently officially announced that the 4K, HDR support is coming to YouTube on the Apple TV to 4K in the next tvOS-update to release alongside the iOS 14. However, the company did not make any claims about the support for the higher screen resolutions that the VP9 codec used on the mobile devices, or even on a Mac, for that matter.

It looks like the developer beta of Apple might be testing the waters. Or it could be something that Google has been experimenting with. However, with no official announcement from Apple, there is no guarantee that they will end up in the final version of iOS 14, this year. There’s also the problem where only a few select models of the iPhone seem to have this feature, in particular, that the OLED displays. And from what we have seen so far, none of the users have given for this post.

iOS 14, beta users report seeing the 4K option in YouTube app

In case you’re wondering why you would even want a 2160p option available on the mobile devices, the answer is in the coding. YouTube will encode the different resolution options, with various levels of compression. In the video below, 1440p (so it’s 1080p down to 144p), have a much more severe compression ratios than video and including to and above 1440p. Even if you only have a 1080p screen, and the viewing of YouTube videos in 1440p or 2160p nets a huge increase in the bit rate and the image quality of the output. The movement is clearer, and there is quite a bit less, macro blocking and artifacting.

In addition, AVC1 video can be compressed differently than the VP9. VP9 is a more efficient codec, so it needs more data for the same bit-rate, which is the reason why the VP9 version of the YouTube video in the same resolution, it looks better than the AVC1 video if you have a good view of it and know what you are looking for.

Android devices have had the VP9 decode capability for a while now, so almost all of the Android devices on the market are already benefiting from-YouTube-superior-encoded in any resolution. However, if this change is going to have the most recent version of iOS, a 14, so even iOS users will have access to the same high quality video as well as Android users. Hopefully, Apple will not manage to make it, and it can also run on the iPad and the Mac.


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