Interview Realme, the Madhav Sheth talks 108MP camera, a phone with a notchless, and the rapid expansion of the company’s product portfolio


After the launch of the Realme 6i in India, we spoke with Madhav Sheth – Deputy chairman of the Realme, and the CEO of the Realme of India in order to learn more about the company’s future product strategy, with the return of smart phones, pop-up selfie camera, and the company’s naming convention. You can find the full interview below for all the details.

Madhav Sheth – Deputy chairman of the Realme, and the CEO of the Realme, India

Realme is one of the most active creators are releasing new phones every other week. While it is to give customers the ability to have the exact same specs they want, without being overcharged, it is no doubt great, and you managed to keep the scale of the software support team to be able to support that many devices?

Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Realme product, every aspect of our smartphone will be ready. We have a full team working on the backend to make sure that all of the features of our product, and it has been taken care of, the design, specifications, or software. We are a brand that has already been giving the most frequent updates in the industry, and of our Realme, UI, is the most popular among our customers and good word-of-mouth advertising. All of the Realme products are enjoying a high rating to Flipkart’s attention to customer satisfaction levels.

The recent and rapid growth of markets has led to some confusing renamings, the Realme 6s in Europe, it is well-known as the 6i in India, as in the original, 6i, it is Narzo 10. If you are planning on addressing this in the future, and the process of your naming convention, or is this just part of the game that we have to learn to live with it?

The market varies from country to country, is the consumer, the habits, the competitive situations, etc., etc. We are clear about our product portfolio here in India, the Realme 3i, 5i -, the 6i won’t be the first “I” product was launched. My job is not to be confused with the Indian consumer, and other markets will take care of their customers in accordance with their management strategies.

We have to rely on more affordable options such as the C11, and 6i, this year, to see how people would not be willing to spend on flagships, as a result of the pandemic, and is the preferred method to purchase affordable smart phones in its place?

From the customer to the purchase in 2020 will be more focused on the budget and mid-range smartphones, and we can offer you more options. This is the reason why we started with Realme Narzo series, and the Realme 6i, focus on this field and redefined the C-series. There will be a C-series phones are launching soon with a price of 11.

After the GST hike, there was a void in the price tag between INR 10k-15k, and that is the reason why we have the launch of the Realme 6i, which will act as the audience will want to focus on the games, the camera, the higher the refresh rate, etc., etc. After the pandemic, consumers would like to spend less, and be more cost-conscious. Realme is the product of the strategy has been deeply optimized for the Indian market. We will maintain our focus on providing affordable options available in the different price segments, without compromising on the quality and experience of its owners.

Of the Realme, X brought up a pop-up selfie camera and a design solution that have not been repeated since. Is it gone forever, or should we expect to see a return? And if it’s axed, it was because of the reliability, or space-efficiency, or for some other reason?

With the Realme of X, we released the first mid-range pop-up camera in the segment of the market, and I am very happy to share that the device has received a 4.5 rating on Flipkart by our fans, and this is one of our hot selling models.

The technologies are changing, and in the years of 2020, 5G is the No. 1 Trend for the industry as a whole has been dedicated to catching up to do. Due to the thickness of the layer of 5 g of the module, it is very difficult to put it in a pop-up camera module, together with the except for the battery life, or thinness, is offered. It is a widely-aligned decision for the industry, and to support 5G development, and hence the dewdrop’s display and returns it as an alternative to the full-screen display, with pop-up camera in order to save space. Display the suppliers also have to respond to this trend, and it’s almost completely stopped the production of the full-screen display. The industry is glad to see consumers are satisfied with the dewdrop, and the punch-hole as before.

Realme, was one of the first builders to embrace the 64MP sensors, but you’ll have to have a smartphone with a 108MP camera, which is a specific reason for that? What are your thoughts on the 108MP us in the last 48MP sensor with larger pixels, as can be seen on the Oppo Find X2 Pro and the OnePlus For 8 Pro?

You will feel the beauty of a 108MP camera, a display with a larger size and / or resolution, and requires a very high level of software readiness is not only a brand, but the industry as a whole. Realme is only one of the best experiences from the consumer only after all the relevant technologies to grow to adulthood.

No responses to the other players in the industry.

You have indicated that you have for the first time on the MARKET this year, any hints of what we can expect from you?

Realme has been doing exceptionally well in the market at the time. We have some big announcements lined up for the IFA show in September, and we are very pleased to share them with the public. Stay up-to-date.

What will be the next big thing from the Realme?

This year, we want to have our fans out of their smartphones and that’s why Realme, is now seeking to establish itself as a tech-lifestyle-brand-in-India. In line with our 1+4+strategy, we will be expanding our AIoT the company’s product portfolio. We are going to have to put in a lot of cutting-edge products, such as a smart speaker, a higher-end smartwatch, Tv’s, and a pair of headphones, along with many other products. Keep up to date with our upcoming, exciting new products.

What will be the next AIoT/lifestyle-product of the Realme?

We have recently announced our new 1+4+N N N strategy 1-Core Smartphone-The + 4, Smart Hubs, a + N AIoT of Products. This is in line with our vision to become the most popular technology lifestyle brand-in-India.

For AIoT, and our fans can expect more AIoT product of the Realme, around the Personal, Home, and Travel sectors. This will further reinforce our vision is to emerge as “the world’s most popular tech and lifestyle brand in India.” We will be very soon, with the introduction of the more cool products in the Smart Speaker by category, along with a more stylish smartwatch, the high-end Tv’s and the smart set of headphones, and a wide variety of accessories, ranging from in-car chargers, backpacks, to the stylish luggage and cases, and smart home gadgets. Just as our smart phones, our AIoT offer a full-range portfolio, from budget to premium price segment of the industry.

Interview Realme, the Madhav Sheth talks 108MP camera, a phone with a notchless, and the rapid expansion of the company's product portfolio

One of my biggest complaints about the Peaks, the Air is in the line-up, nor the Air, nor the Air, and Neo to come with silicone tips to get good passive noise isolation. We have to expect that it will be the next product to top of Air line, to come up with the silicone tips, or maybe even the Active noise cancellation?

Tops, Air, Neo, has been positioned in the budget segment of the market, so features such as the silicone tips, and the Active noise cancellation is not available at this price point in the market. Active noise cancellation is one of the technologies that we are going to focus on, and we will be launching products with leading-edge BALANCING functions can be found quickly.

Editor’s note: Realme is selling the Peaks, the Q TWS the ear buds with the silicone tips are less expensive than the Buds, Air bud, Air, Neo,.

Anything else you want to say to our readers and the ever-growing Realme fan?

I’m proud of that Realme has touched the milestone of 40 million smart phone users worldwide, with 25 million users in India. Thanks to their unwavering love and support, not only we have grown to become the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, but it is also the most popular technology lifestyle brand. Consumer passion has not only inspired us to launch a cutting-edge smartphone, but also a diversification in the AIoT of products, with a view to bringing an exciting, new technology for an unprecedented, technology-driven, always-connected lifestyle. We will continue to be a quantum leap faster and, with new innovations, so stay tuned to the Realme, to hear about new ideas!


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