If Microsoft is going to Unveil the Xbox Series, X, is the Price. An Insider Provides A New Update


If Microsoft is going to reveal the price of the Xbox Series of the X? Well, the rumors and reports for a while, was that this information would be provided later this month. However, according to one prominent industry insider, this may no longer be in the cards. On the contrary, the Xbox fans will have to wait until September to hear about the price of the next-gen machine, which, according to a recent leak, may be as much as $600.

The Xbox Series of the X prize, unveiling the update comes in the way of that Shinobi602a prominent industry insider is relied upon by many people, which reveals the Xbox was news, and announcements to make this month, but was postponed until September for reasons unknown.

Shinobi602 is not absolutely define what the Xbox is news that he is referring to. He calls it the, “Xbox, things that have been going around recently.” And if you’ve already tapped into the rumor mill, and as you all know, August was believed to be not only where we are, for the Majority of Series X, but if Microsoft would have to give up on the unconfirmed (but recently leaked), Xbox Series, a cheaper and more powerful companion to the console of the Xbox Series, X is sometimes referred to as the Xbox Lockhart.

Of course, this is a combination of rumor and speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt, but Microsoft has been a long time in order to reveal the significant next-gen Xbox news, unless it’s going to be a drop-out of the blue.

What’s interesting is that the reports and rumors are also claiming the sony PlayStation had to wait until September to reveal that the price of the PS5 itself, that is, it suggests that Microsoft and Sony are both holding to see what price it comes up with.

It is also possible that the two would be able to play this game for a couple of weeks, but not for much longer. If the consoles are releasing this year, the prices of which are to be revealed soon, in order to get the pre-orders will be up and running. For context, the price of the Xbox One and PS4 were already old news at this point in 2013.

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