“I Was Thinking, Tony Yayo And When I Asked About It To The Banks


DMX and Fatman Scoop talking on Instagram-live the last week was very, very clear. The highlight of the conversation is, if X is claimed to be Lloyd Banks didn’t have the lyrical skill to be introduced for the First time in the top of the text.

It was an aggressive exchange, but the G-Unit rapper caught wind of his comments. “So, since I didn’t come in to the studio to get to work, and when HE did, I’m not very good?” The banks wrote.

“It takes a real n*** * * * a, in order to give up when he is doing something wrong……” DMX wrote a collection of Lloyd Banks’ tweets. “I’m so sorry to lloyd banks, I thought, tony yayo and when I asked about it to the banks. I get fucked by the banks!”

That was the real X, so what’s the beef with Yayo?


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