“I can Promise you that I’m in This B*****s Are FUNNY.’ – Fadeaway-World


For the month of July started out quite moved when Kanye West announced he was running for POTUS. The famous rapper shocked the world with his statement, but no one was ready for what’s about to happen. After a recent rally, Kanye went off on a now-deleted Twitter rant in which he claimed that he feared for his life because his wife, Kim Kardashian, had the doctors trying to lock him up.

Kim was talking about, this is the thing people have to remember is that Sunlight has a bi-polar disorder, and she had a lot of privacy. However, if Simmons’ sister, Olivia, does not have to wait for a long time, until she started ranting about the Kardashians, they take great photos of the family and for the way in which they interact with black men.

“The Kartrashians don’t care about the mental health of black men. Saw it with my own eyes, and you are now able to see it.
Of verbal abuse gaslighting, you name it, these women don’t help men, they hinder them.

LET US PRAY FOR KANYE AT THIS POINT, HE’s one of US!” she wrote on Twitter.

Olivia knows one or two things to say about the family. However, let’s not forget that his brother’s date, Mr. Jenner. They probably didn’t enjoy the experience and learn how things are run in the Kardashian/Jenner home.

Kanye shocked the internet with his tweet and everyone is worried about him. With Olivia’s words, none of that will change.


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