Huawei takes on Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker in April-2020


According to data by Counterpoint research, said that for the first time ever, Huawei has surpassed Samsung as world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The data are from April of this year, there are a number of factors at here.

First of all, Samsung had a momentary “slow down” as a result of the corona virus outbreak. The group is based on the of India, and the united states, Latin America, and Europe as one of its most important markets, however, due to the closure of stores and the fall of the smartphone in question, and Samsung has suffered a lot. In April, the Korean tech giant had a 17% market share, while Huawei was scored by 19%.

That’s because in April, China’s market was on the up-and Huawei is doing very well in their home country. Even after all of the hurdles that the company would have had to be overcome, with the Chinese consumer was driving Smartphone sales to compensate for falling sales in other markets where the Smartphone is losing ground to, due to the absence of the Google Mobile Services.

This also means that Samsung will most likely recover and be back in position for the next few months, as for the lockdowns, in most countries, it is a convenience, and the markets are starting to recover.



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