Huawei surpasses Samsung to become the largest phone maker


Huawei became the world’s largest smartphone maker in April of this year. According to Counterpoint, and the company has taken advantage of the lack of sales action for mobile in many of its markets. Considering that the Smartphone was able to get it to work with the sales department in China, which was recovered from the pandemic. Also Read – Huawei P30-Lite to get a new one in May of 2020, a security patch and update

Huawei has relied on its domestic market for growth, and in April it was much the same. The sale of the company to be picked up, giving them a market share of 19%, while Samsung had a 17 percent increase. The report it says Huawei’s lead at the top is not going to be a long time. While China has been a big boost for Huawei’s request, in the absence of sales in other countries will be slow to have effect. Also Read – Huawei ascend Mate 40 is provided with the advanced 108-megapixel digital camera

The company has been barred from using the services of Google, it does not allow them to have their own version of Android. It will be offered on phones in countries such as India, and in parts of Europe. Because of this, Huawei has not yet shared details on the launch of the b-series in other markets as well. Also Read – Huawei See-GT 2nd Review: state of the sport smartwatch will cost Rs 11,999

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Experts are of the opinion that when the market is up and running, Samsung, Samsung, you can easily go back up to the top of the stack. And Huawei will be hoping that the decline in the share of the market in other countries is not out of control.

Huawei ascend Mate 40 is the launch expected

The company is planning to launch his new Partner, a series of smartphones in October of this year. It is expected to sell over 8 million units of the device. The new series, which will most likely release under the name Huawei ascend Mate is 40, it will, most likely, the success of a Smartphone camera to a whole new level.

Last year, Huawei introduced the Mate in 30 series, which houses a camera module, with good properties. The Level 30 Is Pro, which is the most expensive model in the size 30 series, was one of the ultra-wide camera with 40 megapixel primary sensor and a 40-megapixel, 8-megapixel zoom lens, and a 3-d depth sensor.


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