Huawei offers a special discount for wearables


It is a Chinese technology company, Huawei, has a special deal on the occasion of mother’s day. The company has announced that it is offering a special discount on select wearables. The ones that are available in the offer of Huawei, are Looking for GT -, Free See GT-2, and the Smartphone nexus 4. Huawei is offering a flat Rs 2,000 discount on a variety of models of this type of communication. These discounts are available on Amazon as well as Flipkart. You can also read mother’s day 2020: there are a number of great gifts ideas for our moms

In terms of pricing, the classic variant of the Smartphone’s Look of the GT, it is available for Rs 10,990. While in the Sport and Active versions are available for Rs 8,990. The Sporty variant of the Smartphone are Looking for GT-2 is available for Rs 14,990, the Leather for Rs 16,990 and the Metal-to Rs 20,990. The Smartphone nexus 4 and is available now for Rs 1,899. Also Read PUBG Mobile wants you to learn from your mother on this mother’s day

On the occasion of mother’s day, Samsung has announced two new deals in the Indian market. As part of its offerings, the company is offering an attractive discount on the purchase of two of the most important devices. These two devices are the Samsung Galaxy Z, a Flip, and the Samsung Galaxy S20. In fact, it is the offer of the S20 is applied to the whole of the S20 in the line-up. These offerings are aimed at providing better value for the potential, Z, Flip, and S20 buyers. Let’s check out the details of the offers, Samsung offers, on mother’s day in here. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy, a Z-Flip, and the samsung Galaxy S20-mother’s day offers will be revealed; see below for further details

According to the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Z, Flip, buyers will receive a pair of the Galaxy Buttons for Rs 3,999. This will allow them to save Rs 7,991) as the official price of the Buttons+ for Rs 11,990. Moving on, the samsung S20 in the line-up, the user will be able to buy a Samsung Make sure for just Rs 1,999. This is a 50 per cent discount on the current price of the Samsung, Care a Plus. Talking about Samsung Care Plusbuyers will receive the package with a variety of benefits. This will include detailed information on-pack, screen protection, pack, and accidental damage, and liquid damage pack. All of these are eligible for a one-year term.


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