Huawei may announce a Partner for the brand’s smartwatch, branded the document suggests


And Huawei has filed a trademark for the “Level to Watch” earlier this month in China, and it can be quite confusing. The company already has a smartwatch line-up, called the Look of the GT, with the latest release of the GT in 2nd for a couple of weeks ago. So what does the new brand mean?

Well, at first we thought it was a separate, high-end, family is referred to as a Degree, so that it can go hand-in-hand with the Degree of the flagship smartphone of the series. However, there is also the possibility of a re-branding. It may be that the new Partner will Watch, and will be in the sign of the birth of a new smartwatch line to leave the more budget-oriented segment, is to Honor her MagicWatch of the series.

Either way, it is the trademark of, and the timing seems to be convenient enough for the watch to make it to Level 30 before release later this year. I have no doubt that more info will show you to paint a better picture.



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