Huawei ascend Mate 40, it is possible to start with a MediaTek chip, it is outside of China


The Huawei ascend Mate 40 is the flagship phone series-the company’s next big launch. With the premiere of the high-end phones in the Degree of the line, a new Kirin chipset from HiSilicon, is usually introduced. Now, according to a new report, the international version of the Huawei ascend Mate 40 phones to be able to start with the Kirin processor. Also Read – Huawei ascend P is a Smart Plus EMUI 9.1 update will be rolled out by May of 2020, a security patch

According to a popular Chinese tipster Themesthe next Level to 40 in the series, with the new Kirin 1000 chip set that will be exclusive to China. He goes on to say that Huawei will follow Samsung’s strategy is to use two different chips in its phones. The reason for this could be none other than the recent prohibition to prevent the operation of the new HiSilicon SoCs. Also Read – Huawei, Enjoy 10 Plus, the update will be rolled out in July 2020 with a security patch

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Huawei ascend Mate is 40, with a MediaTek chipset

The leaker also says that the processor and other markets, it is likely to be a MediaTek. Although it does not specify what model it is, but with the new Dimensity 1000+ SoC seems to be the best at the moment. Unless the Taiwanese semi-conductor company, has announced a more powerful processor, the Level of the 40 series of boats. Also Read – Huawei ascend Mate V, a folding device could launch soon

The source further revealed that the Smartphone does not even have a sufficient stock of Kirin processor, the size of the 40 series. The Chinese giant has just about 8 million units, which is less than the average (of 10 million units of the Ascend Mate phones are sold each year.

The leaker stated that he has heard rumors that the Smartphone might also have to resort to buying a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset. In fact, it’s said that this is not likely to be in the current scenario. Currently We do not have permission to supply chips to Smartphone, since the use of the equipment of the United States of america, in the production process. However, it has been said that the company is trying to get a license. The latter would allow them to have in the market of hardware with a Smartphone as well as the United States, and the commerce and administration approves.


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